Hi everybody!

Finally I have finished my new female skintone and this time it’s full body! I named it European Skin.
It is also my 500 Followers gift!!! Thank you guys!!! :D

- For Females only [Teen, Young Adult, Adult]
- Non-default
- Base Game Tones + 2 custom tones Sunny and Pale
- Blushed, Freckled and Less Freckles version in Sunny and Pale tones
- Skin names on the tone slider
- High Resolution (2048p) textures
- No filters on the preview images, colours may slightly differ depending on your monitor settings

I really hope you like it… ^_^







Please do not re-upload or claim as your own.
Please give a credit if you used it in your Sim downloads or photo-shoots. Thank you! :)

CC used on model: Hair by Newsea, Lashes by S-Club Privee, Eyebrows and Eyes by me :)

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